A new perspective
on medical coding.

Intelligent production coding tools, automation, documentation analysis, and more—plus hyper-transparency and flexibility.


Wait, but why?

Traditional medical coding is inefficient and overly complex. Attempts to automate have fallen short. Data integration issues between disparate systems, lack of transparency, challenges managing domestic and off-shore coding resources lead to lackluster performance and negatively impact the bottom line.

Reasint has changed the game, providing novel solutions to tackle these issues head-on.

Welcome to the new era of medical coding.

Transform your radiology coding operations.

End-to-end coding solutions reimagined to provide unprecedented visibility and granular control. Harness revolutionary, patent-pending intelligence and automation at your own pace to save both time and money.

01. Surface

Documentation analyzer

Unparalleled visibility. 20/20 vision into report documentation deficiencies.

Effortless insights to increase clean claims in seconds, not months.

02. Code+

Intelligent production coding

Rocket fuel for production coding.

Precoded reports with built-in encoder tools allow your team to code up to 5x faster.

03. Proxy

Full coding automation

Zero-touch coding, powered by state-of-the-art proprietary automated reasoning technology.

Go straight-to-bill with confidence.

Reasint Intelligence

The future of medical coding intelligence is here, and it runs on Reasint's revolutionary platform. Meet ARNI, a new, patent-pending form of AI that mimics human comprehension. It's unlike anything you've seen before.

Novel, yet experienced

Reasint solutions currently serve more than 4,000 radiologists across 43 states.

2,500,000 reports/month and growing.

Step on it. Or not.

You are in complete control. Adopt Reasint solutions at the right pace for your business. No more handing over the reigns and hoping for the best.

Get started with Reasint today.